We MODERN PLASTICS & INSULATIONS are leading dealer in extrusion technologies of high performance engineering plastic products in India. We distributors, dealers, and stockist in Nylon, PP, HIPS, HDPE, PVC, POM- Polyacetal, P.U, Polyurethane - PU Rods, Sheets, Square Rods, Profiles, Tubes, Hollow Rods, Acrylic, Hylam, Derlin, Epoxy Fiber Glass, U.H.M.W.P., Rods, Sheets, Squares, Tubes, High Impact PP Clicking Boards, Teflon heat sealing tape (ADH - NON-ADH), Polymer Thick Wheels & Components as per your drawing and specification.

Our products are widely used within the field of chemical, engineering, electronics, food, medical treatment, water supply and drainage projects, construction materials, farm irrigation, sea breading, electricity communication, textiles, paper industry, dairy & bottling plants as conveyors medical & surgical equipments, press tools and other industries.

Since 15 years, we had created a culture of continual product and Service Development, The Company endeavors to meet customers requirements in terms of quality, price and dispatch schedules. Over the years these products have found wide acceptance in Indian market.

We are committed to provide quality products to customers, as well as offering a range of value added services including technical services and timely response to our customers daily needs. We are collaborating with you everyday to not just meet your highest expectation, but to help you exploit new market continually.